The Outsiders

We were approached by Nearpod to create an education film of the 1963 Novel by S.E. Hinton. The challenge? Teenagers studying the book in classrooms today has to find it relatable.

New interpretations of familiar characters and a somewhat completely left-field style was our approach to breathe new life into the old classic.

The final film is just under the three minute mark, but continue scrolling for the director’s cut to see the essence of it. We are interpreting the 1967 novel by S.E. Hinton with a twist. The goal is to make it colourful, approachable and engaging for students to get a good overview of the author and characters before they dive into the book.

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Client: Nearpod
Executive Creative Director : Daniéla De Lange
Creative Director: Lené van Heerden
Illustration Lead: Tamzyn La Gorcé
Illustration: Lené van Heerden, Tamzyn La Gorcé, Viola Hunter
Animation Lead:Catherine Theodosopoulos
Animation: Catherine Theodosopoulos, Lené van Heerden

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