Bible Society

Easter Campaign

Bible Society needed a piece for their Easter campaign that encapsulated the struggles and concerns of modern day life, especially the ones we seldom have control over. The aim was to give a short feel-good message that provokes curiosity by showing that the ancient story of Easter may connect with modern life.

The simple message? Everything can be redeemed.

Bible Society Cover Image

Bible Society Hand
Bible Society Polar Bear

Bible Society Character

Bible Society Walk
Bible Society Torpedo

Bible Society Desk
Bible Society Office

Bible Society Graveyard
Bible Society Fish

“We LOVED working with you! From our very first conversation, you absolutely understood what we were hoping to achieve, and created something far better than we could have imagined. The whole process was really smooth – everything was clear and straightforward. And you brought huge amounts of creativity and energy to the project. Can’t wait to collaborate again!”

Liam Thatcher, Bible Society.

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